hanging balls
hanging balls
hanging balls


hanging balls

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diameter in mm:60
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The main aim of training with the hanging ball is to strengthen the active grip of the fingers. Pinch strength is required to hold on to the hanging balls or to pull yourself up. The instability of the hanging ball when suspended from the straps ensures maximum training stimuli throughout the body.

Pull-ups, dangling, holding exercises, hanging and blocking are possible due to the round, smooth shape of the high-quality processed and skin-friendly beech. During the training, a large number of muscle groups and the deep muscles are addressed.

Product advantages at a glance

  • Use the complexity and the interplay of
    Coordination and strength training for your workout!
  • Quickly set up and dismantled, training possible anywhere!

On request also with individual branding according to your template. Please inquire via customer support!

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