Carbon Bar - carbon rod
Carbon Bar - carbon rod
Carbon Bar - carbon rod


Carbon Bar - carbon rod

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length in cm:135
Wall thickness:3
end caps:Hard caps made of PE
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Maximum stability for your demanding training!

The carbon rod from Ninlab is of particularly high quality and under extremely high loads it remains extremely stable and durable with a low weight!
The end caps protect the carbon rod from wear and tear, and the grip area is covered with our Power Grip made of silicone rubber, so you are guaranteed the best possible grip.

Something for every taste!

We offer carbon rods in different variations. Be it a particularly long carbon rod of 150cm or the variation with or without “bouncing” effect.

Carbon rod with 3 mm wall offers you the pleasantly springy bouncing effect. This bar absorbs the hard impact and protects your wrists. This makes the bar ideal for longer jump reps at an average body weight. In addition, this rod is particularly light.

Carbon rod with 4 mm wall gives you a stiffer bar that gives less. Particularly robust, durable and resistant even under particularly high loads or long jumps.

Hard caps made of PE offer you the same slip properties as from the show. These were specially developed and adapted for our carbon rod. The end caps made of polyethylene are particularly durable and hardly wear out even with long-term use.

Impact-resistant rubber offers you slip resistance and cushions the impact on the devices.

possible uses

The carbon rod can be used, for example, for obstacles such as the salmon ladder, flying bar, sling shot or the stair hopper.